What Will Weddings 2021 look like?

Do we need to wear masks and socially distance? Here we attempt to break down what the lifting of restrictions means for weddings in 2021

This past year, wedding ceremony and reception restrictions have changed over and over again and now we’re coming out the other side of our third lockdown (praying this is the last one). But we’re desperate to know What Will Weddings Look Like In 2021?

When will weddings be allowed?

Before Christmas, Boris Johnson raised all wedding hopes in 2021 when he said that by summer he expects people will be able to attend big events like weddings and we should have ‘confidence’ that couples would be able to ‘get hitched in the normal way’. But then Glastonbury 2021 was cancelled and rumours there could be a third wave when restrictions ease had us asking again – what does this mean for big weddings in 2021??

So many have been calling for clarity on what is going on, raising awareness about the suffering wedding industry. Couples who are hoping to marry this year are desperate to know what to do and whether a wedding in, say, July will need to be socially distanced.

When will restrictions be lifted on weddings in England?

12th April 2021 – Restrictions on weddings have been lifted a bit. Now you will be allowed to have up to 15 attendees at your wedding.
17th May 2021 – this is the earliest possible date that the next set of restrictions will be lifted on weddings in England. From this point you can have up to 30 attendees.
21 June 2021 – If all goes to plan, from this point onwards, all legal restrictions will be lifted on weddings.

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