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Create Your Own Artificial Wedding Flower Arrangements

Our Artificial Wedding Flowers are stunning but to make your flowers unique, you can truly customise your wedding flowers from a fantastic range of 45 colours. We can make any combination of colours and accessories, so if you don’t find something just right for you, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The measurements are approximately
Bride teardrop bouquet – 15.5″ long by 9.5″ wide / Bride’s Posy – 10″ by 10″ / Large Bridesmaid’s Posy – 8″ by 8″ / Small Bridesmaid’s Posy – 6.5″ by 6.5″ / Table decoration – 8″ by 8″ / Candle Table decoration – 8″ by 8″ / Large Table Decoration – 20″ long 10.5″ wide / Wrist Teddy – 4″ long 2.5″ wide.

Choose from the vast selection above from flowers, colours, accessories and embellishments. Make your flowers as unique as you

Artificial Wedding Flower Packages

Our handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers are "Colour Themed" to help you choose the perfect wedding package for your big day