Beautiful Bouquets

Handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers & Bouquets

Beautiful Bouquets began when mum started making wedding tiaras for a company. She then started making handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers / Bouquets and soon taught me how to make stunning artificial wedding flowers. We decided we could set up on our own and there began our own business – Beautiful Bouquets. We started selling on eBay and it soon took off. In fact, eBay is still one of our best-selling outlets. We now sell on eBay, Amazon, our Etsy store and our website.

While many brides do opt for the fresh bloom for their big day – the scent and the natural beauty is hard to beat, but there are the downsides. Fresh blooms will eventually wilt and die and may well not be at their best on your wedding day, or even available. Artificial Wedding Flowers have taken a huge leap forwards in terms of quality and realism.

Why Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers?

Forget any preconception of ‘tacky’ pound shop plastic flowers, today’s artificial wedding flowers are better than ever. Not only are they long lasting, but they allow you to be as creative as you want to be. Artificial wedding flower bouquets are increasingly popular due to their beauty, longevity and often being cheaper than the fresh bloom alternative.

Artificial Wedding Flowers are perfect for so many reasons for your wedding day:

  • Artificial wedding flower bouquets can be precisely matched to suit your colour palette.
  • Our artificial wedding flower bouquets are allergy-friendly, so no streaming eyes and red noses on the walk down the aisle.
  • Wasps and bugs? Not a problem with artificial wedding bouquets.
  • Out of season, our artificial flowers will always be in peak condition.
  • Artificial wedding flower bouquets travel well, making them perfect for the destination wedding.

Carrie Bailey