Summer Wedding Flowers

2022 The Summer of the Peach

Beach vibes…

We are seeing a huge popularity in peach and light orange tones, and we are loving this new peachy palette. The combination of these colours really shouts out summer and brings to mind a beach wedding, with the peachy tones of the sand against the stunning blue of the sky and sea.

We all scream for ice cream…

Nothing could be more perfect than ice cream, a spin on the traditional wedding cake and who doesn’t love ice cream?

We have seen the stunning combo of the orange colour palette mixed with blues and teals. It just epitomises the summer vibe. Nothing says summer quite like a sunflower or the glorious gerbera. Take a look at some of our most popular arrangements that really capture this trend.

Featured Summer Wedding Flowers…

Artificial Wedding Bouquets and Handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers

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Artificial Wedding Flower Packages

Our handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers are "Colour Themed" to help you choose the perfect wedding package for your big day