Planning a spring wedding? Take a look at these seasonal ideas which will make your day absolutely perfect.

Spring is, without a doubt, a beautiful time of year to tie the knot – so many flowers are in bloom, the sun is beginning to shine again, plus the days are starting to get longer. After the long dark winter this is always a welcome change.

If you’re planning a spring wedding, you may be thinking about how you can fill your day with floral wedding ideas or how else you can highlight this gorgeous season in your planning. Well, just call your wedding fairy-godmothers, as they’ve rounded up 25 spring wedding ideas to get you ‘springing’ into action!

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Green is pretty much the unofficial colour of spring.

Mint green, baby pink, sky blue and all the other pastel colours of the rainbow are perfect for the spring season, and, good news, you don’t have to choose just one! Each of your bridesmaids can wear a different hue to shake things up (just be sure to tie everything together with matching bouquets and/or accessories).

Spring wedding bouquet
Nothing says spring more than a bright and colourful bouquet. Fill yours with your favourite garden blooms.

Some of our favourite spring bouquets:

Greenery bouquets sets blue & grey

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Artificial Wedding Flower Packages

Our handmade Artificial Wedding Flowers are "Colour Themed" to help you choose the perfect wedding package for your big day