Goodbye 2020

What a year we have had

We started 2020 full steam ahead with all the artificial wedding flower arrangements for the stunning weddings planned for the year ahead. By March we were in lockdown with everything cancelled or postponed.

So what does 2021 hold in store for the wedding industry.

Harpers Bazaar have predicted 5 trends for weddings in 2021

Weddings are back

2021 will be a tale of two halves. Covid is not going to disappear at the stroke of midnight on 1 January, so small weddings will continue in some form throughout the spring. But with the spate of recent good news on a possible vaccine it’s clear that confidence is returning. People are more confident to plan for weddings of 100+ people.

Deconstructed maximalism

While the restrictions on numbers are in place, the contributors expect to see the continuation of a trend that started in 2020 – something they’re calling ‘deconstructed maximalism’, which is all about going big on the little details. Clearly having a smaller party allows budgets to stretch that little bit further – the flower arrangements and decorative design can be more dramatic than once thought and guest entertainment can be a little more thought out.

The party dress

For lots of brides, next year is about the party, after getting hitched ‘officially’ this year in smaller settings. This often means a second outfit that fits more with a party dress-code than anything too formal.


With happier times on the horizon for 2021, there is an increase in the number of brides leaning towards towards more joyful colours and shunning traditional white.

There is a strong trend for a very modern aesthetic among brides and so we’re seeing lots of requests for alternative bridal colours – dark ivory, gold, champagne and blush pink – as women continue to break with tradition. Take a look at some of our stunning artificial wedding flowers.

Brides Teardrop - Ivory

More fast-paced

Covid has changed the speed at which couples make their decisions. In 2020 we’ve seen weddings that have been organised in less than 48 hours, and made-to-measure outfits that normally have a six-month lead time turned around in the space of a week.

More fashion-forward

The smaller ceremonies we saw taking place in 2020 have really emboldened brides and given them the confidence to get creative with fashion. They’ve told us they have felt less pressure, particularly from mum! This has led to more adventurous fashion choices – The Own Studio has seen sales of jumpsuits and suits increase hugely this year and expects this to continue.

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an incredibly hard year for so many in the wedding industry. While Covid has done its best to decimate the industry, we are confident that in 2021 Bands, DJs, caterers and so many others; who are an incredibly important part of any wedding celebration, are ready and waiting to go again.

Stay Safe and have a Merry Christmas. See you in 2021



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